Government gear change on company car tax

Why the business-next-door could soon be driving electric. A clean green era with new emissions tests and benefit in kind (BiK) rates gets on the road in April 2020. But what does the drive to cut emissions and grow electric technology look like in terms of tax? Read more

Care at home and your responsibilities

‘Death, taxes and childbirth! Never any convenient time’. We could all echo the line from ‘Gone with the Wind‘ quoted in a recent Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) report. But for the increasing number of people using home help, such as carers for disabled or elderly relatives, the OTS thinks tax can be particularly challenging. Read more

Battling online bank fraud

Bank fraud and scams cost UK customers £1.2 billion in 2018 alone, and businesses faced even higher losses. The good news is that better online security is on the way. Read more

The problem of charity fraud

‘Not doing the basics to protect themselves’. That was the verdict on charities from the largest ever survey into fraud and cybercrime in the sector. The findings are sobering. They cite charity fraud potentially running into billions of pounds each year, with the ‘strong ethos of trust’ leaving charities particularly vulnerable. Read more

Workplace skills crisis

UK employers: facing a skills crisis – and spending at unsustainably high levels to get out. This is the reality of day to day life for many UK businesses, according to a recent Open University report. Read more