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Quarterly news:

Autumn 2023

New employee checks

HMRC is publicising a new way that employers can be provided with an employee’s National Insurance number (NINO).

Apple iPhone users have now been given the functionality to store the NINO in their Apple Wallet: online, or through the HMRC App. This means that new employees may increasingly provide proof of their NINO by using their Apple Wallet, rather than giving the employer the traditional NINO confirmation letter from HMRC.

HMRC is reassuring employers that this makes valid proof, and can be accepted in just the same way that the traditional letter would be. At the moment, it’s a service only available to Apple users, but HMRC is working to extend it to Android phone users in due course. It will provide an update when it’s made provisions for the NINO to be saved to the Google Wallet.

Employers should check that the employee’s name matches what they see in the Apple Wallet. If a record is needed, HMRC advises asking the employee for a screenshot.

It’s all part of HMRC’s continuing push towards digital service. Issuing confirmation letters by post can take HMRC up to 15 days: on the other hand, HMRC says that using its App to confirm the NINO should only take a matter of minutes.

The Personal Tax Account can also be used to view or download, print, save or share a letter showing the NINO.

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