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Business startups

You have a great idea. You have all the skills and the backing you need. What next?

We have a wealth of experience in advising new business startups in how to arrange the most effective structure to assisting with a business plan and budgets and forecasting.

Advanced tax planning allows you to conduct your new business with the entrepreneurial flair knowing that your planning is sound. Getting to that point when you’ve all your ideas mapped out, starting a business requires much of you all and we can assist by alleviating burdens.

Questions you may want answering.

  • Should I be a sole trader, partnership (or LLP) or form a limited company?
  • What taxes do I need to register for?
  • How do I register for these?
  • What records to I need to keep and how long do I need to keep them?
  • What are my year end responsibilities?
  • What are my rights and obligations as an employer?
  • How do I attract new customers?
  • How do I retain my existing customers?

We offer you a free initial consultation to discuss these and any other questions that you want to ask so get in touch with us on 020 8343 1660

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Call us for an appointment on 020 8343 1660