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Tax planning

You are entitled to arrange your affairs and pay the absolute legal minimum.

Whilst we won’t actually pay your tax for you, we will lighten the burden by completing all relevant documentation in respect of taxation.

Legitimate tax planning is a perfectly legal approach to reducing your tax liability, allowing you to keep more of what you earn. We are constantly thinking about how we can mitigate the tax you will have to pay. This can often be achieved through the application of very simple ideas.

Income Tax and Self-assessment

The Income Tax self-assessment regime is now well established. Filing deadlines, fines and tax enquiries are now a part of life. You need a “thinking” accountant, not just a “form-filler”, to assist you through the complicated maze of self-assessment. We work with you to ensure that all deadlines are met with ease, to ensure that you have time to plan ahead for any tax payments and to identify any opportunities for reducing your tax liability.

Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax now falls under the self-assessment regime. Timely and accurate returns do not guarantee to keep the Revenue at bay, but they can certainly help. Your job is to grow your business and corporation tax should never be a headache. Our approach seamlessly combines corporation tax compliance into our audit and accountancy functions.

Revenue Enquiries

A Revenue enquiry is often very traumatic. You need a clear-thinking accountant and tax advisor to defend your corner and we are highly experienced in this area. When under investigation, dealing with HMRC is extremely specialised and our approach is meticulous.

Our clients benefit from our insurance scheme that covers them for our professional fees in the event of an HMRC enquiry.

Contact us any time to discuss any requirements that you may have.

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