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Spring 2023

A Plastic Packaging Tax update

The Spring Budget 2023 confirmed an increase to the rate of Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) from 1 April 2023.

Where packaging falls within scope of the tax, the rate increases in line with the Consumer Price Index, becoming £210.82 per tonne, rather than £200 per tonne. The new rate applies to packaging manufactured in or imported into the UK after this date.

HMRC had previously announced an about-turn on rules for invoices where businesses are liable to the tax. The original intention was a mandatory requirement for businesses liable to the PPT to state on their invoices that PPT had been paid. Initially deferred, it has since been confirmed that it will not now take effect.

Whilst businesses are encouraged to give visibility to the PPT, invoice wording will not be a legal requirement. HMRC suggests other ways in which the PPT can be highlighted. These include giving information about the PPT on price lists, and sharing with customers how much PPT has been charged.

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