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Quarterly news:

Winter 2024

HMRC pay by bank account service

HMRC is offering a new facility as part of its pay by bank account service.

Previously, payment has been required at the same time that a return was filed. But HMRC can now provide the option to schedule a payment for a date in the future, so long as the payment date doesn’t fall after the due date of the tax in question. This is a plus point for early birds filing returns before the due payment date.

The facility, open to those logged into their HMRC online account through Government Gateway, can at present be used for the following taxes: VAT; employers’ PAYE; PAYE settlement agreement; PAYE late payment or filing penalty; and Class 1A National Insurance contributions.

It’s expected that the service should soon be widened to cover other taxes. These include capital gains tax; self assessment; simple assessment; corporation tax; VAT One Stop Shop; the Soft Drinks Industry Levy and the Plastic Packaging Tax.

In response to recent user queries about the pay by bank account service, HMRC has confirmed that no problems arise if payment goes through its Shipley bank account, rather than Cumbernauld. It does not affect payment going to the correct customer record or the time needed to update it.

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