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Quarterly news:

Winter 2023

A taste of what the HMRC app can do

HMRC’s app has been revamped in a move to push traffic online. Improved functionality lets you see, for example, your tax code, National Insurance number and, for those in self assessment, the Unique Taxpayer Reference.

You can use it to update your postal address; renew tax credits or report changes; and keep track of any correspondence with HMRC.

You can also see HMRC’s estimates of the tax you owe under self assessment or PAYE; register for self assessment and make self assessment payments.

For PAYE taxpayers, the app gives access to HMRC’s figures for your income from employment for the current and previous five years. Details can be printed or downloaded: for employers working on pre-employment checks with a new member of staff, that’s potentially far more efficient than phoning HMRC and waiting for information by post.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and from Google Play Store for Android. For first-time access, Government Gateway (GG) user ID and password are needed to sign in. After the first sign-in, access requires only a 6-digit PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition.

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